Start to Finish

Start to Finish

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Estimate to Installation

Memphis Door and Hardware will site visit to ensure every aspect of your project is specified and quoted properly.

STEP 1) After our initial site visit, we will submit via email a professional contract detailing every aspect of the project and the terms.

STEP 2) Upon contract acceptance, your material will be pulled from stock or special ordered and placed in our finish shop for paint/stain applications.

STEP 3) Our highly skilled installation team will bring all material on-site and custom build the door unit, at your home. This approach ensures an exact, custom fit every time.

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Proper Finishing Is Critical!

After your doors are installed, our professional "Paint and Finishing Team" will ensure your investment is properly sealed and finished to comply with all manufacturer warranties. On most occasions, finish work will be completed after the door(s) are installed. This allows the "Installation Team" to make all required cuts and bevels prior to finish work. This is how it works:

STEP #1: We will provide sample colors of stain for you to choose from. The samples will have a varnish coat over the top to give a true representation of what the finished product will look like. Paint applications will either be matched or chosen from a fan deck of selections.

STEP #2: On stain applications, the stain will be applied and allowed to dry. Paint applications will receive a coat of "Bonding Primer" to ensure maximum penetration to protect the wood.

STEP #3: On stain applications, a coat of specialized “Door and Boat” Marine Grade Spar Varnish will be applied. This varnish is formulated to provide maximum performance in resisting UVA and UVV light. Paint applications will receive a lite sanding and the first of two (2) coats of high-quality finish paint.

STEP #4: On stain applications, a lite sanding of the varnish coat will occur followed by a second coat of Marine Grade Spar Varnish. Paint applications will receive a lite sanding and the final coat of high quality finish paint.

STEP #5: If your new door(s) have glass, our Paint Team will return to clean the glass properly and collect payment on the paint portion of the project.

Long Term Maintenance Plan

Specialty Finishes

Re-Finishing Existing Doors

LONG TERM CARE IS CRITICAL - Just like changing the oil in your vehicle, maintaining a fresh coat of paint or varnish is critical to the health of your door investment. We urge all of our clients to allow our “Paint Team” to continue yearly maintenance on your door(s) to promote longevity.

While specialty finishes may result in additional cost, our talented Paint Team can handle most anything!

Even if Memphis Door and Hardware did not install your door, we can pick up the future care. Call today for an estimate to see if your door qualifies to join the maintenance plan.

"Whatever good things we build end up building us."

-Jim Rohn

Here is a quick reference to a healthy door:

6 Months to 1 Year:

Allow our Paint Team to lightly sand the exterior surface and apply a fresh coat of paint or varnish. While the door may not appear to need a coat, this process helps to build a “Shell” on the door before the paint or varnish starts to deteriorate.

2 Years after Installation:

Free of Charge, Our Paint Team will visit the home and visually inspect the door and provide guidance on if additional paint or varnish is necessary. If necessary, the same fees as last year apply.

3 Years after Installation:

Once again, Free of Charge, our Paint Team will visit and provide guidance. Typically, doors need additional coats every 1-3 years depending on exposure.

4 Years and Beyond:

Our Paint Team will continue to provide guidance longterm to ensure you get the maximum life out of your investment.

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